there are albums that i love, but are not mine. they are mine with someone/something else. as in: they represent a friendship I cherish, a trip i took, things i wanted to say to an specific someone. they may remind me of a relationship i had. some albums are even about relationships i am wishing i will have in the future. some were recommended to me so they can’t be really mine (call me a purist). there are some albums i listen as advice for an old version of me that really needed to listen to it back then.

but there are those albums that are utterly mine. i see myself in every fucking note, every singing breath & all the lyrics (i’d never skip one song). there’s the song for when i am sad, for when i am happy, for when i am in love, for when i want to love myself, for when i want to do the dishes, for when i want to sing out loud, for when i just want to hide under the covers, for when i want to risk dancing moves. think of any occasion, and that album will fit.

albums that are so “me” that i would never associate with anyone else – not in the sense of insecurity regarding the relationship, but rather that some things must be and remain only for me. one of the hardest things for me to communicate (and sometimes understand, even) is that nobody will ever completely have me. these albums are what i listen when i need comfort, when i need to be the fuck alone, a place only i can go to and it’s only with these tunes that it’s possible, like an specific road you take somewhere, a portal you go through by that ritual of pressing play.

the album that most represent this for me is Carole King’s Tapestry

and although this is not particularly a pretty album cover (i especially despise that red font, and i don’t like how kind of dark it is in the back and that door is distracting), it is one of my favorites ever.

carole king

The cover photograph was taken by A&M staff photographer Jim McCrary at King’s Laurel Canyon home. It shows her sitting in a window frame, holding a tapestry she hand-stitched herself, with her cat Telemachus at her feet.

Doesn’t this make you cry a bit?

I wanna be home again and feeling right