concept: i work with art therapy & own a lil house away from the city. it’s a wooden house with big windows & a porch. i have time to work on myself writing or drawing, eat healthy & sleep 7-8 hours a day.

i wake up early and do not rush to get out of the house – when it’s warm, i ride my bike for half an hour around the area. i enjoy hearing birds singing while eating breakfast.

even though i drive everyday to my office, it’s not a burden because a great playlist is always on & traffic is not as bad after 9am – when i’m in a good mood, i sing a long in the car.

at work, it’s not perfect, but i can see the big picture in helping people. i have fun doing research & reading. my patients interest me not only as “clients” but as a galaxy of multitudes that contains the power to save themselves. it’s an honor to try to show that to them everyday.

i spend my week nights with the following activities: yoga, biking & learning new languages (russian? farsi? swedish? chinese?). when i arrive home after stressful days, my go to thing is preparing a bath. i have a lovely neighbor, an elderly man who doesn’t mind teaching me carpentry sometimes.

my weekends consist of occasionally going out with friends that keep the conversation interesting, staying home watching netflix or reading while drinking a glass of wine. sometimes friends come over & i actually know how to make vegan pasta.

i don’t worry about money;
i feel i am enough;
my relationships are healthy;
my skin & haircut are great;
nothing hurts.

I could have been One of these things first