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There’s something really amazing and important about being the kind of animal who’s incredibly invested in what comes next, so invested that you just can’t hide it. There’s something so unparalleled, so electric, so absolutely irreplaceable about caring more than you really want to care. To have a heart that breaks over and over again! It’s painful, sure, but a person who can wear that kind of energy on her sleeve, without apology, has a special kind of power. […]

The best people are the ones who care too much. The best ones are the ones with big, desperate, watery eyes. They are overly invested, they care deeply about how things turn out, they want to know what comes next, they ache for a wilder, more colorful life.

[…] The world outside of you doesn’t have to validate or match the world inside of you in order to make what’s inside of you worthy and good. […]

You can believe in what you have without proof that other people value it. In fact, that’s one of the really great things about being a very intense, anxious, emotional person. We know how to nurture our convictions in a vacuum. Sure, it sometimes means that we make mountains out of molehills. But it also means we can feel big feelings and create works of art from nothing and milk sublime moments out of thin air.

[…] You’re a work in progress. You recognize the value of refusing to hate yourself, but you haven’t figured out how to stop hating yourself on a day-to-day basis yet. […]

People will love you, sure, but no one will save you. You have to save yourself. You have to decide that you’re smart and talented and that, once you have a little time and space and clarity, you will figure out how to focus and work hard. You will understand the full breadth of your abilities. You have to save yourself by resisting the urge to become a question mark. You have to save yourself by refusing to ask for other people’s approval.

Am I too needy to love?

You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone