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today is the 179th day of the year 2016. tomorrow will be the 180th. we will soon be right in the middle of the year. 182 gone and 182 to go – although there are 365 days, i know. (if my math is correct and i suck at math so). i guess what i am trying to say here is that there’s still half of a year to go. and there’s still time. to feel alive again, to learn and to go forward. let’s try to make sense out of all this pain, even if life is so much more meaningless than meaningful. let’s be so hopeful and kind that people wonder what happened to us.

let’s grow with all the impossibilities, with everything that could’ve been but didn’t, with all the love we have no idea where to put it, with all the memories, the inadequacies, the embarrassments we have for all the feelings we carry. it all hurts so much, so you might as well make it beautiful.

taking steps is easy, standing still is hard