there should be at least five songs about your neck,

i think as i try to fall asleep and of course i don’t

the cat walks by and he made me remember of this thing

i’ve always joked about people and their pets:

they start to look alike

and for a while i have been saying how my cat is always lonely & needy

it figures. he also loves spooning. which: have you met me?

my stages of sadness when i stop talking to someone i like:

– wallow in guilt, with intervals for crying

– watch a lot of tv shows, pay attention to less than half of it

– not eating, feeding myself with sad songs only, bonus points for playlists i made myself about the specific situation i am in

– trying to fill the silence, with intervals for regret

– buying books with money i don’t have, in which hope ensues that they will save me from myself and my current state of despair


but hey, it’s ok, it’s alright.

what everyone keeps telling me is that: these things take time.

and i ain’t have nothin’ but (time).