by the middle of november i am already exhausted and wanting the year to end (usually). 2015 was a weird year. not as bad as 2014 (perhaps nothing ever will), but with some surprises.

i still have to look back on all my drawings and writings from this year in order to better capture its weirdness. and i am kind of down this week so it’s probably not a good idea to do a “look back” in a funky humour or else i’ll tend to focus on the bad stuff.

but here’s some stuff i’ve been thinking about:

– getting my driving license
– losing a cat
– dealing with separating myself from my parents (i still think this will be a theme for next year)
– am i in love with you or am i in love with the feeling?
– it’s okay to say no to people and it’s even better when you realize they can handle it
– you are not really a static human being, and that is fine.
– things you thought were resolved, at least at the point you thought they could as possible, may come back to you. that happens, all the time.
– kindness. always.

listening while writing: Justin Bieber – Sorry