Actual cutest fictional couple on earth (x)

it started, as it usually does, with random gifs on tumblr. and then i went on a search hunt for it, found the web series and watched everything within 3 hours (at the time, it was about 25 episodes, 5 minutes each) during a sunday. i got really hooked. then the fanfictions, of course. which. if i am being honest, i am also thinking about writing. because they are absolutely adorable, those two. so far, all i did was a mixtape inspired on them (my usual response when i have an obsession. also the type of reaction i am more comfortable with). otps: they break you.

the thing about my relationship with this show is that… it doesn’t take itself seriously. i love how it’s a short web series that i just want MORE. all the time. it’s totally teasing the viewers with absolutely nothing beyond cute phrases by one of them that are sometimes directed at the other. WHICH. i totally dig, by the way. and there’s also… i think they took that general idea of non-canon queer couples (hello, faberry! swan queen! so many others) and just gave it to us as a real thing. and you gotta respect that. besides, we’ve got three redheads, one of them non-binary. i just love how the cast gets along so well (i kind of wish i was their friend). their characters twitters are all spot on funny. and so are the actors’ twitter feeds, by the way. they do have an amazing way of understanding social media (it is a web series, after all).

but more about the show, then. i’ll probably won’t be able to talk about it coherently. basically: this laura girl that studies journalism (yay?) notices her roommate went missing after going to a party. days later, carmilla appears to share the room with laura. carmilla is broody and grumpy and so cute. laura discovers her old roommate was probably kidnapped, as were other girls on campus, and start investigating, as well as posting her findings online (which is the point of view we get, as if she’s talking to us through the camera, and when she isn’t, that it’s just there rolling) – side note: i think this is genius. laura’s friends (la fontaine, danny and perry) are all (probably) gay and help her investigate everything. carmilla is there, usually involved, although in an ‘i don’t care’ way – hint: she cares a lot. mystery and adorableness ensues.

i am not really a fan of plot as i am of character depth. so you can give me a shitty shitty show and if i fall in love with one of its characters, because of how complex they are or could be (and especially if there is continuity and a sense of evolution)… i am SOLD. like, i will watch that show until i die. i will criticize the hell out of the story lines, but i will stand by that character until death (quinn fabray, you deserved better). i don’t believe this is the case: plot here can’t be really THAT deep (it’s a web series), but it does the job well. (side note: i really want to read the story it was based on now). there are a bunch of things that they do notice: like the way carmilla steals laura’s pillow; and also the way that, after laura discovers carmilla is a vampire, carmilla stops hiding that she drinks blood. they are little things, but details that viewers/fans ALWAYS analyze (especially on tumblr). and twitter. like. they have accounts for the weirdest things related to the show.

well, i don’t have much to say beyond these random commentaries that are actually based on things i’ve seen before. shall i continue? the chemistry between laura and carmilla is so strong, there’s no denying. and i think it’s the first time ever that there’s an actual lesbian love triangle that i like all the characters involved (carmilla/laura/danny). it’s 6 episodes away from the end of the season and it’s already giving me anxiety. i guess the way it’s so brief, it makes me create so many theories and little cute scenarios. also, have i mentioned that they like each other? which means it’s canon. so yeah. basically. this is me not freaking out at all.

i’ve always been a fan of vampires, since watching interview with the vampire (and later on Buffy, True Blood, etc.) and carmilla’s character is totally the type of cool vampire who actually cares (see also: spike, eric northman) and overall cool character (see: quinn fabray) who falls in love with the nerd (total faberry fanfiction vibes here). and i like carmilla’s character also because she’s lived so long and she knows so much stuff and she is aware of what actually matters and what doesn’t. she seems to suffer with the idea of living forever. and not being able to grasp totally what is to be a vampire. and being capable of loving laura, someone so tiny and fragile. u g h. someone stop the feels.

they just fit perfectly. i love polar opposites like that, when they are treated nicely, because it’s beyond “you get on my nerves and there’s sexual tension” (which i am not against, obviously). but it’s actually “you’re so different and yet you like me and i like you so there must be something special here and also you make me want to be a better person and think outside of myself”. WHICH. sort of is the definition of love altogether?! (at least for me at this point in my life) so. yep. i will stop now because this is getting crazy long. my last sentence will just be that i am living romantically through these characters and i think it’s sort of cute and adorable, in my own way, thank you very much. so. check carmilla out when you can, basically.

listening while writing: Birdy – Skinny Love (Bon Iver cover)