Let’s talk about winter, Virgo. I don’t mean the romantic snowflakes and twinkly lights donning the naked trees. I don’t mean one million holiday parties with delicious treats and libations that lead to wild reckless nights. I mean winter, the bare harvest and biting wind. I mean the nights your body will feel so exhausted from battling the cold, you’ll fold into your apartment and forget to see anyone you love. Virgo, I know you’ve got all the supplies you need to live through the toughest months. I know there are thermal sweaters and wool socks and if not a lot of money then at least enough. I am unsure, however, how you have prepared your heart. Don’t you know that life cannot be a series of mundane tasks and work hours? I know that you have been trying to get back to fine. I know that there are days when fine is as good as it’s going to get. On those days, Virgo, when nothing seems to sustain your soul, I tell you this so you might remember: I love your hands and everything you make with them.

November Horoscope

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