for some reason, I started thinking about college and ended up reading parts of my final work. Here are the quotes I wrote right in the beginning (they are still some of my favorites):

it’s funny to remember those days. and what I thought was so important now just has a bittersweet tone to it. even though I remember the exact moment I translated that Woolf quote myself, I am proud to say (and anal enough to recognize) that I googled the translated version and it was similar to mine. I wouldn’t be able to bear a shitty Woolf translation.

I was really proud of that work and the 9.5 I got (!) and now, years after, the things I don’t like so much about the page are number related: I think the visitors number, when you think about the relevance of the theme, are pretty low, even if it’s sort of geographically specific. it’s less than twice what this blog has and these posts are way harder to find, on purpose of course, because of the tags being music artists and stuff.

and seeing that page just takes me back, especially with the pictures, to all the experiences I had, so I think it’s pretty nice to see it from time to time. I smile proudly when going to the links section, because I feel it’s very thorough and also because I still read most of those blogs to this day and they all shaped my views on feminism. the only thing I don’t like, looking overall, is that infographic, because it’s just not an infographic. it’s a bunch of text with some illustrations (great and beautiful ones, I may add), but the execution failed on that one, the font/space thing is awful too.

I had so much fun building that site, which makes me wonder why did I do journalism instead of web design or something similar. math, as always, stands in my way to greater salaries. and finally, there are the thanks to some people, some that I don’t even talk to anymore, and this dedication that still warms my heart.

so… yeah. there is value. the thing I wrote and the Kermode quote end up complementing each other, which I realize now. there is always value in being who i am. i need to remind myself of that more often. and let it go.

listening while writing: Crosseyed – Let the Train Blow the Whistle (Johnny Cash cover)