You can’t be faulted for thinking that chocolate would be representative of luxury and indulgence, but actually, dreaming of chocolate is more about contentment and good times. The chocolate dream is very personal. It could transport you straight back into your childhood, evoking pleasant and happy memories, or it could send you into the throes of a chocolate and rose-filled whirlwind romance that left nothing but destruction in its place.

For the most part, though, a dream about chocolate indicates good health, cheerfulness, and joy. It could also symbolize reward, as in, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself at the moment and dreaming of chocolate could be a way for your subconscious to be giving you a high five and saying, “Well done!”. haha nope.

If you have a dream in which you are eating chocolate it can mean many different things depending on your attitude towards chocolate and how your taste buds handle it. For some people it is a really sweet treat. That means if you dream about eating chocolate, that you are being rewarded for having just gone through a tough period in your life. You are dealing with a lot of stuff and you need to be given something that encourages you to continue going despite everything that tells you different. Chocolate is a great gift to have in this case.

If you are the kind of person that finds chocolate to be fairly bittersweet then to dream that you are eating chocolate would symbolize life for you. You have to deal with some crappy stuff sometimes if you want to get to the good part. Then even when you get to the good part it turns out that some of that will be bad as well. There’s just nothing you can do right away that will make you and everyone else happy, so what you need to do is just accept that there is no one part of life that will mean happy feelings for everyone involved. Once you accept that fact you’ll be able to continue living you life with a little bit better education and more practicality as well.

It is now well known that chocolate contains an essential amino acid called tryptophan which is essential to our well being. Dreaming of chocolate may highlight a very real need for the beneficial effects of such a food.

In the mayan culture chocolate was food fit for the gods. This puts it in the framework of food for the soul and the release of our best efforts. Often highlighted as a suitable gift for lovers, in a woman’s dream such a gift may signify an unrecognized potential in a relationship. To see chocolate in your dream signifies love, celebration and self-reward. It also denotes that you may be indulging in too many excesses and need to practice some restraint. Chocolate in your dream can also be indicative of your desire to embrace your sensuality.

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