No matter where you are, though, you are not drowning, right now. But you are in the water, and it’s dangerous. So you have to grab the rope that leads you back to the boat. I am not the rope; I am talking to you so that you know the rope exists; I am talking to you so that you have a few ideas of how to make it to “OK” again. You’re out there in the water, and I’m just telling you to look around for something that’s going to save you. Because primarily—here is the big secret, the part I wish someone had told me—you are what’s going to save you. Doctors can help you, and you’ll be the one who visits them. People can be trustworthy and capable of helping you heal, if you reach out—you’ll be the one who reaches. You may need to get past a bad relationship with a chemical, or a bad relationship with yourself—you’ll be the one who gets past it, the only one in the world who has that power. And maybe, on some days, you are going to literally save your own life. I know you can do this. I know it. Because look at what happened to you. Look at what you’ve been through. And then, take a second to notice this part: it happened, and you are still here. We call one another “survivors.” We don’t often take the time to think about what that means. What it means is “the people who are still here.” What it means is that you faced down something that no one should ever have to. And that even this terrible thing was not enough to stop you. What it means is that you are incredibly strong, even in the moments when you don’t know that. What it means is that you are not drowning—there is a rope, a lifeline, and it will bring you back to the boat, and back to safety. What it means is that you are the rope. Grab on.

From Rookie

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