Having your ruler Mercury in your sign is a plus, but you’ll feel the effects of Merc’s battles with other planets this week. You can’t resist trying to get your point across, and yet you’re not likely to feel truly understood. If your goal is to connect with your significant other or a close friend, it may seem like they’re checked out in some way. With Neptune in your relationship angle and Uranus in your sharing sector, you’ve probably had some experiences of people being unreliable, unpredictable, deceptive, vague, detached, disappointing, needy or unstable—hopefully not all of the above! Creative self-expression is your best bet for a satisfying outlet now. And the sun’s entry into your sign is nudging you to focus on yourself for a bit. One major bonus of your birthday season: increased vitality.

Source: Free People Horoscopes By Tracy Allen, Week Of August 18–24

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