Jupiter’s entry into your subconscious sector this week heralds a year of positive introspection leading to greater self-knowledge. You’ll be more open to learning about hidden sides of yourself and could grow to accept your own imperfections as well as those of others. Compassion will take root in you when you understand that we are all connected. Spiritual wisdom can be gained through discovering a new practice or a new teacher. Seek the truth within, listening to your intuition, your dreams, your imagination, your soul. Free something inside you that has been suppressed. Your ruler Mercury is in your group zone and clicking with Neptune in your relationship angle now, so communicating and socializing should go pretty smoothly. However, the sun is also in your group zone and quarreling with Mars in your worth house, introducing the possibility of a conflict over money, possessions, values or priorities. Avoid stubbornness and taking things personally, and spend time with people you’re happiest to be around.

Source: Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of July 14–20