I often felt stupid by the little things I tried to say between the lines. Things like “please read this book” or “this show reminds me of you”. I felt stupid because I tried being direct before. And when I realized everyone has their own pace and their own awareness, the only way I could try to touch you was with something else rather than words.

Words are really powerful to those who are saying them – by how well thought they might be arranged and the emotions that often come with them. To the person listening, however, you are never quite sure. You have to wait and see what will happen. The one who’s listening might not realize at the moment that the one who’s doing the talking has to pick a point to stop, take a breath, leave it as is, no matter how many words are left unsaid.

And words unsaid are the saddest thing in the world.

listening while writing: Joni Mitchell – All I Want