I haven’t stopped thinking about you since last week
What an eternity that is for someone inexperienced and anxious like me
I like how my simplicity amazes you
and how your laugh fill in all the voids I once felt necessary
to fill myself
we could talk for hours and
I wouldn’t get bored
your company,
how it comforts me
i wish i didn’t need the certainty
i can actually feel the loss of sanity
there will be a day
will it be me or you to go away?
for now, let me concentrate only In you
the promises you’ve never done won’t keep me up at night
the love you haven’t sworn to me doesn’t affect my feelings
the words you will never say can’t fool me
the touches i yearn can’t hurt me
for i have you with this burning and aching sensation
that will forever be (the good firing memories)
of you and me


listening while writing: Jeff Buckley – Mojo Pin