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there was a time when she thought that being miserable was something she had to go through for some reason – a cosmic/karmic life, that in the end she would be recompensed later with a good thing.

ultimately she learned that you don’t get what you want/need because you deserve it. it’s related to a self discovery of knowing when to let go, when to take chances and being able to challenge yourself on new things. the fear is present – you are you and you are alive after all.

even with a lot of other lessons she’s still eager to face, some she could see it clearly now: there’s no need to do something you don’t feel comfortable just for the sake of others; there’s nothing wrong with abandoning someone when they’re not good to you; there’s a difference between liking when it’s rough and being psychologically abused; it may  be harder to accept you’re loved than finding someone that loves you.

listening while writing: love is in the air mixtape // track: Nouvelle Vague – Dance With Me